Theo Russo

Arguably one of the most powerful technomages in the US, Theo is a young man who grew up in Maui with his mother (weather mage), great-great-great grandmother who he called a ‘cousin’ (blood mage), and alcoholic father.  Theo’s mom died when he was a teenager and shortly after he moved to San Francisco to make his own way in life.  He learned quickly that he could live well as a cyber criminal, but often engaged in “white hat” operations where he robbed from the rich and gave to the poor.  For fun, he DJ’s. Theo has some emotional armor brought on by his upbringing but also by having his heart broken by his best friend and first lover.  His struggle through the books is between avoidance and the need to be seen, appreciated, and loved. He is as surprised as anyone when he begins having feelings for the breathtaking runaway, but his moral compass won’t just let Robbie go.  (Aka Statix in the Darklight Series)