Connal Braginsky

A tech nerd that has taken a leap of faith and took a chance on writing. He came out as gay at 19, born to Russian immigrants, and recently diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder: Level 1 (Asperger's Syndrome in the DSM-4)


He loves to read, and learn about Technology and Futurism, and considers himself a transhumanist. His other pastimes revolve around reading, and/or thinking about philosophy which includes Panpsychism, Process Philosophy, Taoism, Buddhism, Gnosticism and Stoicism. He is also interested in various scientific fields, including Quantum Physics, Biology, Neurology, Psychology, and Sociology.

Movie Actress: Lucille Ball
Animal: Cat
Scent: Rose
Fruit: Pomegranate
Food(s): Curry (of any kind), Salsa, Cheese.
Color: Blue

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