Q – Sean, you’re on Facebook and Twitter. Why isn’t Connal online?

A – Connal has come out as having Autism Spectrum Disorder. As such, he becomes overstimulated by negativity, drama, and social media. Therefore, in order to maintain sanity, he has no social media accounts. The Facebook and Twitter accounts are meant to serve both of us and any questions posed to me about our writing are passed on to him. That said, our website, www.dreamersworkshop.com is always open for questions for both of us. Additionally, Connal blogs often and welcomes discourse there http://dreamersrefuge.com/blog/

Q – You’re coauthors and we’re curious about your writing style.

A – We start with a concept and start fleshing out the characters. We’re both pantsers and rarely work from an outline. We use tools that allow us to write together in either real time or for future back-and-forth. Once we have a story “done” we go through and start editing it, refining. Then we have a reader go through and tear it apart before editing again.

Q – We can’t help but notice, but you don’t seem to join any causes or take political stances.
A – That is absolute truth. As artists, we never want to alienate our fanbase; and we also do not want to judge. Therefore, we will staunchly stay noncommittal about all things political. In addition, many “causes” on FB are meant to instigate an us vs them mentality. We both individually give to various organizations in our private lives and a portion of all of our proceeds from our writing will always go to fund those causes we believe are just. That said, neither of us will ever ask our fans or followers to believe in what we believe in or donate to our causes. Find that which brings you peace.

Q – What about religion(s)?
A – Same answer as above. There are 7+ billion people in this world and no two people’s perspectives are identical. Connal and I are both spiritual and while we have both seen how religion can be used to cause so much damage, that’s not what it’s meant for. For most, it’s a place of solace that provides answers, guidance, and hopefully love. For us, we will never push our personal faiths on others.

Q – Do you drink, enjoy drugs, etc.
A – This question has been posed to both of us at different times and it’s one of those questions that always takes us by surprise. With regard to any kind of personal practices of this kind, we will refrain from answering the question. We do not judge others for choosing to enjoy whatever they enjoy and hope that it is never done to excess, impairs functioning, or hurts those around them.

Q – We can’t help but notice that you go really quiet when there seems to be drama online.
A – That’s true. Neither of us can understand why online forums are wrought with the seeming need to hurt others, or put others down in order to feel superior? We’ve seen enough bullying in both of our lives and will always refrain from engaging.