Sean Ian O'Meidhir

Sean grew up in small town, USA and always knew there was so much more in the world. Having started writing as a means of coping/escape as a kid, Sean fled the small town at 16 to pursue a Liberal Arts degree where the creativity in writing flourished.


Fast forward - a doctorate acquired, Sean is a mental health professional in San Francisco Bay Area, teaches, has a partner and pays homage to their cats, and believes in unconditional love. A Humanist at heart, Sean is professionally and spiritually influenced by the works of Carl Jung and Carl Rogers. Sean hopes to perpetuate many ideals which people sometimes lose sight of including tolerance, acceptance, love and joy.


As a mental health professional, Sean must remain cognizant of clients and due to the nature of Sean and Connal's fiction apologizes, but may never "come out" to readers regarding identity, etc. Sean has acknowledged to many that they are of Irish decent and nonbinary, but otherwise will not advertise politics, religion, sexual practices, preferences, or anything else that has no bearing on what or how they write. Sean recognizes that readers love to feel a connection to their authors and hopes to perpetuate this with open communication, mutual respect, and love.


TV: GoT, Supernatural, Stranger Things, among others
Scent: Roses
Food: Can't go wrong living in the Bay Area, but fries are up there
Music: So much, from oldies 50's to today's heaviest of metal.
Songs: Stand By Me (Ben E King); Learning to Fly (Pink Floyd); Once in a Lifetime (Wolfsheim), Song #3 (Stone Sour); Always (Erasure); How did you love (Shinedown).....
Bands: Erasure, Savage Garden, A7X, Shinedown, NIN, Depechemode, Billy Joel, VNV Nation, Avatar... (too many)
Goddesses: Dolly Parton, Pink, and Olivia Newton-John.
Gods: Andy Bell